300th Anniversary Fall Festival

We’re excited to announce Emmanuel’s Fall Fun Festival, happening Saturday, October 7, 2023, celebrating 300 years of congregational family in the greater Lehigh Valley! You are invited to join us for a day of fun. We’ll be commemorating our long history, as well as looking forward to years of carrying on God’s work through our hands. Festivities begin at 1:00pm.

Besides food, fellowship and family, there will be –

  • Music nonstop provided by DJ Jim Wass – the old and the new!
  • Square and Polka dancing! Don’t know how? That’s OK! DJ Jim will be showing us how it’s done. Bring the kids!
  • Bouncy House
  • “Indulgence” Auction – who will be the highest bidder for these sweet treats?
  • Martin Luther and Katarina von Boren Look-Alike Contest – from the silly to the sublime, monk or nun, let’s have some fun! Cosplay or reenactment? You choose!
  • First Annual Interdenominational Cornhole Tournament – Which team will take home this top honor? Come one, come all!

Contest rules

Luther Look-Alike Contest

Any period of Martin or Katarina Luther’s life is acceptable
Voting will be by audience acclaim
First prize: “Old Lutheran” item
Participation prize: “Old Lutheran” baggage tag

Indulgence Auction

“Indulgences” to be home-crafted pastries.
To be displayed prior.
One example of each item will be displayed for auction
More may be made to be included with batch, but only one example will be displayed!
Creative write-ups will be read prior to commencement of auction of item. Write your own enticing description!
Auction to be conducted by auctioneer
All proceeds to benefit Bath Area Food Bank

Cornhole Tournament

Sign up through this link
Sign ups will be accepted day of event
Play will be conducted by single-elimination tournament
ACA Rules will be observed
Prizes: First place trophy
Second place ribbons
Other prizes for creative team uniforms!