Collection List for Hackerman-Patz House

While we are not shopping right now I’m sure we could sacrifice things we have at home. If we all pitched in, we could gather a substantial amount of things. Please see the list below.

Individually wrapped snacks, crackers, cookies
Keurig K-Cups
Individual sized creamers
Individual sugar packets
Sweet & Low/Splenda packets
Individually wrapped snacks: crackers, cookies, chips, donuts
Milk, Half & Half
Food to stock pantry: peanut butter, soup, tuna fish, crackers, jelly, bottle water, Gatorade etc.
Gerber graduate meals
Microwavable frozen meals
Laundry detergent and fabric softener
Gift cards to Target, Weis etc.
Books of first class postage stamps
Paper products and plastic utensils
Travel size personal hygiene products

Monetary donations are also helpful to help provide a free stay for those unable to afford. Rooms are $45 per day.

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