Alternative Worship Coordinator

Position Summary

Emmanuel’s Lutheran Church

3175 Valley View Drive

Bath, PA 18014

Background and Summary: This musical position is being created to ensure stability and growth for the Alternative Worship Ministries at Emmanuel’s. There are many moving parts that come together to create a successful ministry, and there is a need for someone to coordinate between these tasks, staff and volunteers.

Logistical Requirements:

-Coordinator must be at church one hour prior to all Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night alternative services (or delegate and train reliable volunteers) to complete logistical preparations for worship.

-Coordinator must be able to work in tandem with the Pastor(s) in planning services, and Director of Music in preparing services.

-Coordinator must possess sufficient mobility, dexterity, and coordination to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the detailed job description.

Skills Needed:

-Active and growing theological background, preferably with liturgical Lutheran experience or willingness to learn.

-Music theory background.

-Strong communication skills, both in person and via technology (email, phone, etc.)

-Ability to delegate to train, encourage and coordinate volunteers.

-Ability to select liturgically, theologically and congregationally appropriate songs for each worship event.

-Ability to prepare, coordinate and organize worship materials (music for band, video production for worship, etc.) or delegate and train capable volunteers.

-Familiarity with contemporary music and the desire to keep up with the ever growing genre and willingness to incorporate new songs into the current repertoire.

-Ability to thoughtfully arrange usage of Praise Band members and their skills, to the best of their ability and in the best interest of worship (or delegate to capable volunteer).

-Inspire cohesiveness of worship, both musically and among volunteers.

Preferred Skills:

-Musical ability on one or more instruments.

-Ability to communicate with band members while playing a song.

-Experience with PowerPoint and ProPresenter.

-Experience with sound equipment.

-Familiarity with copyright laws.

HR Information: This is a part time (10-15hr/week) position to be paid by annual salary which will be decided by the experience level of the successful candidate. Salary is reviewed annually with the fiscal year ending December 31. There will be a six month probationary period after hiring, at the end of which the Human Resources Committee will complete a review. After that there will be an annual evaluation by the same committee. Paid vacation is negotiable, with a minimum of one month’s notice when possible. There is no medical insurance coverage offered for this position.



Alternative Worship Coordinator

Job Description


  1. Position Title: Alternative Worship Coordinator
  2. Overview: The Alternative Worship Coordinator position is a part-time (10-15 hours per week, including seasonal workload fluctuations) position. As a member of the alternative worship team, this position will serve the alternative worship services and related activities/ministries and will lead, organize, and support fellow members of the worship team and other alternative worship lay persons as appropriate. This position will work closely with volunteers, the Pastor(s), the Director of Music and the Worship Committee.
  3. Position Responsibilities: To be completed by either the coordinator or volunteers appointed and trained by the coordinator. These are the responsibility of the coordinator to be accomplished.
    1. Worship Planning:
      1. Stay current on alternative worship music, and work in tandem with Pastor(s) to select liturgically, theologically and congregationally appropriate songs for each worship event while complying with applicable copyright and intellectual property laws.
      2. Attend meetings of and actively work with the Worship Committee, Director of Music and Pastor(s) to plan and grow the alternative worship services and ministry at Emmanuel’s.
    2. Worship Preparation:
      1. Supervise the creation, maintenance and distribution of chord charts, lead sheets, and other printed or recorded music materials for the Praise Band.
      2. Supervise the creation and maintenance of video production for each worship event.
      3. Convene and lead regular band rehearsals and sound-checks before each worship event.
      4. Complete pre-service checklist.
    3. Volunteer Coordination:
      1. Recruit, schedule and communicate with all volunteer musicians for each worship event.
      2. Recruit, schedule and train all audio/visual personnel.
      3. Recruit, schedule and train volunteers to whom any other tasks may have been delegated.

NOTE- Should any of the volunteers fail to complete their delegated tasks, it is the Worship Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure their completion for successful worship.

  1. Terms of Employment
    1. Physical Requirements:
      1. Coordinator must possess sufficient mobility, dexterity and coordination to fulfill the responsibilities outlined above.
    2. Supervision:
      1. Pastor(s) and/or their delegate will serve as the direct supervisor.
      2. Unplanned absences must be reported to Pastor(s) and Director of Music.
      3. Human Resource Committee is in charge of all personnel.
    3. Compensation:
      1. Work Year: Sundays, church holidays and selected afternoons/evenings for scheduled rehearsals.
      2. Work Day: Flexible as scheduled and agreed upon with immediate supervisor.
      3. Salary: Salary is reviewed annually with fiscal year beginning January 1.
      4. Medical Insurance: No coverage provided.
      5. Vacation: Paid vacation is negotiable. A minimum of one month’s notice is requested prior to taking vacation.
    4. Probationary Period:
      1. There is a six month probationary period with a review at the end of six months.
    5. Evaluation:
      1. Annual evaluation to be performed by the Human Resources Committee with staff input.
    6. Termination of Employment:
      1. 30 day notice preferred.
    7. Background Checks:
      1. Current criminal and child abuse clearances must be obtained.